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Get immediate care in any of our clinics for injuries, illnesses, infections. In-house labs, meds, x-rays when you need them.


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Stay productive with employment physicals, testing, workers’ comp evaluations & care.

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What our patients are saying

Went in with injury caused by a fall. Needed X-rays to diagnose spiral fracture of finger. Got a splint and was out and on my way within an hour. Best part was coverage under Medicare resulted in copay of $45. Nice facility, attentive capable staff. Much preferred over emergency room.

Larry H.

This place is clean, fast and so friendly. The minute you walk in the door you are welcomed and it does not stop until the door closes when you leave. Very caring and helpful staff. I love that you can fill your prescription there rather than having to go to the pharmacy and wait when you really feel terrible. I have been three times and all were very positive experiences. Almost spa-like experience.

Jeanne W.

Having sick children is never fun. The caring people here made it a little bit more bearable. We got in quick, the place was beautiful and immaculate!! The nurse gave my sick 2 yr old popsicles and they were so caring and attentive. They even filled our meds on site. No waiting at other places for our medicine! Don't go through the worry and hassle of going anywhere else. Just go here. You'll be much happier and so will your littles. Thank you from this mama Southern AZ Urgent Care.

Elizabeth H.

New to Tucson, but I've been to Urgent Care Centers from NY to CA and this place is one of the best. The triage, the time spent, the labs drawn (with results) AND prescriptions filled, not to mention the welcoming and clean atmosphere; 5 STARS! I only use modern medicine when necessary and they listened, talked with me, performed a thorough exam and we discussed the ``plan of attack`` together. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to patient care (it's what I've done in the past) and they exceeded my expectations. Well done team Saucy Posse!!

Cassandra C.

Convenient urgent care locations

Southern Arizona Urgent Care has convenient urgent care locations all around Tucson. Our walk-in clinics are perfect for serious non-emergency visits, or your everyday wellness needs. No matter where your illness or injury happens, rest assured we’ve got you covered.