David P. Skinner, MD, PhD, MBA

President & Chief Executive Officer
David P. Skinner, MD, PhD, MBA, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer at Southern Arizona Urgent Care

At his core, Dr. Skinner has a natural business acumen, unmatched eye for detail, and an unrelenting focus on creating the ultimate patient experience. He was initially compelled to found Southern Arizona Urgent Care (SAUC) as a second year medical student at The University of Arizona College of Medicine. During these formative years, not only did he develop his clinical skills, he quickly grasped the broader issues preventing patients from receiving the best possible healthcare. With this motivation in hand, Dr. Skinner completed his Internship in Neurology and set out to redefine outpatient medicine.

He leveraged his background in construction and years of retail and corporate operations management to formulate an integrated urgent care concept from the ground-up. His passion for design can be seen in many details, from the intricate crown molding decorating SAUC’s warm and inviting lobbies, to the gorgeous scenery donning the hallways. Each examination room has been furnished with top-of-the-line equipment and once in the room, patients are treated to unmatched healthcare by respected and professional providers. Every detail has been personally architected by Dr. Skinner and his team and it makes for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Early in his career, Dr. Skinner honed his love for design and his inherent leadership abilities in the construction and retail industries. He founded and ran several local businesses in Arizona, including having launched five businesses by the age of 30. He excelled in these endeavors all the while furthering his education by completing his MBA, PhD in medical pharmacology, and his Medical Degree. He personifies lifelong learning and instills his commitment to continuously improve into each and every one of his employees.

Hersh V Goel, MD

Medical Director
Hersh V. Goel, MD, Medical Director at Southern Arizona Urgent Care

Dr. Goel completed his medical studies at The University of Arizona College of Medicine (UACOM), during which time he expressed an early interest in the historical, business, and operational aspects of medicine. He explored these interests by working for local healthcare businesses spanning medical device investments to medical education. He worked directly with the Emeritus CEO of the Mayo Clinic to help healthcare businesses nationwide transition toward high value healthcare, and he established the Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare Distinction Track at The UACOM. In designing the latter, he launched a first-of-its-kind curriculum and venue for medical students to critically analyze and change healthcare for the better. He completed his Internship in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins and subsequently joined the SAUC team to oversee clinical elements of the business.

Janet Belnap

Executive Vice President of Administration
Janet Belnap, Executive Vice President of Administration at Southern Arizona Urgent Care

Janet Belnap holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management with a focus in Business. She has more than 30 years of intensive experience directing up to 700 employees, in companies with revenues in excess of $500 million. She has helped lead these companies through all phases: start-up, survival, turnaround and growth. Throughout her career, she has worked across the U.S. as an expert in crafting, enacting and monitoring policies and procedures through the training and mentoring of staff. She is a problem-solver and a connector; she has built strategic partnerships with local and national educational institutions to identify and hone exceptional candidates, all the while controlling costs. Janet joined the SAUC team from its inception to develop and implement the “SAUC WAY” of doing business, one where the patient experience is the ultimate priority.

Trevor Jones, FNP

Vice President of Operations
Trevor Jones, FNP, Vice President of Operations at Southern Arizona Urgent Care

Trevor Jones received his Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Texas Tech University and his Master’s degree in nursing from Middle Tennessee State University. He joined the SAUC team at its beginnings in 2012, and during his time with the company he became a certified family nurse practitioner and learned and mastered all aspects of urgent care operations. Early in his career, Trevor spent 2 years providing humanitarian aid in the Samoan Islands and for several years he oversaw and managed construction operations for a local company. His diverse background of experience guides his caring and empathic approach to leadership and healthcare—he embodies SAUC’s commitment to being a positive force in the community and he leads those around him by example.

Pamela Smith, RT

Vice President of Compliance
Pamela Smith, RT, Vice President of Compliance at Southern Arizona Urgent Care

Pamela Smith earned her Associate’s Degree in Applied Science and graduated with High Honors from the Pima Community College Radiologic Technology Program. Following her training at The University of Arizona Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital, she demonstrated great drive that extended beyond her role as an RT. She led behind-the-scenes administrative efforts to maintain accurate and efficient business practices, and she brought forth her natural organizational abilities to SAUC when she joined the team in 2012. She immersed herself in the company’s mission and vision and quickly evolved into a member of the management team. In this role, she establishes and oversees internal processes to ensure SAUC’s compliance with laws and regulations. Under Pamela’s leadership, SAUC has maintained the highest standards of compliance in the Urgent Care industry.