Allergy Treatments

If you have been living with allergies because “it is just something you have to put up with”… there may be help for you! You can try to avoid the things you are allergic to, but plants, dust, and animals cause many allergies — these causes can be very difficult to avoid. Plant pollen is carried by the wind, so how can you eliminate it if you cannot even see it? Dust will materialize even if it is cleaned up regularly; and why should you have to give up a loved pet because of allergies? There are options to reduce the effect of allergies that do not involve eliminating the source.

The usual approach to combating allergies is to take medication. Over the counter and prescription medications help with symptoms, such as runny nose or itchy eyes, but do not help with the underlying cause. If medications are the “solution” to your allergy problems you will be stuck in an endless cycle of covering up the real problem.

A smarter approach to allergy alleviation is attacking the root of the problem. Immunotherapy teaches your body to not attack allergens; once your body learns this, there is a high chance that your allergy problems will go into remission. Immunotherapy does this by introducing an extremely small amount of the allergen to your body over time, teaching your body to accept it.

Some methods of immunotherapy involve needles and many trips to the doctor’s office — avoid this by choosing allergy drops. This method only involves placing 1-5 small drops of serum under your tongue daily, holding the drops for two minutes, and then swallowing them. Allergy drops are safe, with only rare and mild side effects, and have no drug interactions. Improvement can begin within only a few weeks!

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