Best Trails for Tucson Hiking

Hiking in Tucson is a great way to get exercise and a dose of Vitamin D to boost your body’s immune system! To ensure good health, we recommend getting a daily dose of sunshine while the temperatures are still mild to make spending time outside enjoyable. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of hiking trails in the Tucson area, so you’ll never run out of opportunities to explore a new location. Just remember to look for wider hiking trails where you can socially distance yourself from others who are out for a stroll. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite trails to hike in Tucson. Just remember to bring water and sunblock before heading out! 

  1. Bridal Wreath Falls Trail

If you’re looking for a relatively easy trail, this is the one for you. Great for all ages, Bridal Wreath Falls Trails begins at a trailhead on Speedway Boulevard and meanders through the eastern portion of Saguaro National Forest. Roundtrip is about six miles. If you’re lucky, you’ll see water flowing from the falls when you reach the trail’s end. The trail does go uphill on the way to the falls, making the trip back much easier. 

  1. Blackett’s Ridge Trail

Want a more challenging hike? Head out to Blackett’s Ridge trail in Sabino Canyon of Coronado State Forest. The out-and-back trail is about 6 miles round trip, and it’s steeply inclined in many places. At the end, you’ll be at the peak of Saddleback Mountain and be rewarded with a great view of the canyon lying 1,000 feet below! 

  1. Tumamoc Hill 

Are you looking to get a quick hike in? Tumamoc Hill fits the bill. The gently sloping paved road offers great views of the city as well as sunrises and sunsets. The trail is about three miles round trip. Since it’s paved, the trail is a good option for wheelchairs and strollers, but the grade does get steep, so be prepared. 

Romero Pools

Located in Catalina State Park, the Romero Canyon Trail leads you to an oasis in the middle of the desert. The five-mile round trip trek includes varied terrain, including rocky canyons and swaths of flat plains. The trail is rated moderate in difficulty and is quite popular with hikers and horseback riders who want to dip their toes in the cool, clean water. 

  1. Wasson Peak Hiking Trail

The eight-mile loop features beautiful wildflowers and majestic Saguaro cacti, along with an incredible view of the city. Located in Saguaro National Park, the trail is rocky and not ideal for running. The 360-view near Amole Summit is well worth the effort. 

Hopefully, your hiking trip will be filled with good memories, but if you do injure yourself during your outing, come see us at Southern Arizona Urgent Care. We provide digital radiology, full lab services and can diagnose common injuries and ailments.