Radiologic Technologist

Job Summary:

Southern Arizona Urgent Care is currently seeking an experienced Radiologic Technologist. The right candidate will have proven experience with diagnostic-quality radiographic images that are critical to diagnosing patient illnesses and/or injuries. The candidate must be extremely organized with an eye for detail, keep on task, be willing to take on a leadership role in his/her team and be open to performing other duties. The Radiologic Technologist must possess the ability to communicate effectively with patients, providers and other staff. A professional attitude and critical thinking skills are a must. An Associates Degree, MRTBE and ARRT certification, and current BLS are required. 1-2 years experience is preferred. This is a full-time hourly position. We offer medical, dental, vision and 401(k) benefits. Compensation DOE.

Line of Authority/Reports to: Super Team Provider, VP of Compliance, EVP of Administration

Works with: Management, Super Teams and Patients

Status: Non-Exempt

Qualifications/Minimum Requirements:

  • Current licensure as a Radiologic Technologist in the State of Arizona
  • Graduate from an Accredited School in Applied Sciences Radiography
  • Minimum 2 years experience as a certified Radiologic Technologist
  • Demonstrate skills, knowledge and experience as a Radiologic Technologist
  • Ability to work in stressful situations with a professional demeanor
  • Be physically able to work long hours on feet and maneuver disabled patients if required
  • Have mechanical and manual aptitudes to operate sophisticated diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Be able to work a flexible schedule, weekends, holidays and evenings
  • Knowledge of the inherent danger of radiation and the need for constant measurement and recording of radiation exposure
  • Occasionally drive to other locations
  • Maintain a current and valid Driver’s License.

Qualifications Preferred:

  • Knowledge of the triage process
  • Knowledge of lab protocols
  • Experience supervising staff

Physical Requirements:

  • Requires full range of motion including handling and lifting patients up to 300 lbs., manual and finger dexterity, and eye-hand coordination. Involves standing and walking for extensive periods. Requires corrected vision to 20/20 and hearing to normal range.
  • May involve exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, ionizing radiation, medicinal preparations, and other conditions common to a medical practice environment.

Duties and Areas of Responsibility:

  • Maintains patient confidentiality
  • Understands, adheres to, and stays current on all policies and procedures of
  • Southern Arizona Urgent Care, including OSHA regulations, CPR
  • Greets and escorts patients from the waiting room to the exam room and obtains medical history and vital signs
  • Responsible for creating a safe and comfortable environment for each patient
  • Understands and complies with Provider’s orders in obtaining x-rays
  • Understands all regulations that promote safety regarding protection to self, patient’s, coworkers from unnecessary radiation
  • Must have strength of character to work with each patient’s challenges i.e. illness, anxiety, handicapped, elder) with a calm, compassionate and professional demeanor
  • Understands the proper positioning of patients to assist in obtaining the best quality x-rays and images
  • Understands settings on equipment to obtain the best density, detail, and contract of the area being imaged
  • Able to ensure preventative steps are taken to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation
  • Uses knowledge of anatomy and physiology to help the Provider diagnose problems
  • Able to communicate calmly, compassionately and professionally with all different types of patients including the elderly, ailing and handicapped
  • Understands the importance of safety and use of PPE equipment
  • Understands how to adjust radiation levels and use precautionary measures depending on the type of procedure being performed
  • Is familiar with different organs and tissues within the body and their various levels of sensitivity to radiation
  • Able to work under pressure during high patient volume and critical patient situations
  • Proficient in all aspects of Southern Arizona Urgent Care’s services, including but now limited to: running laboratory tests, checking in and out process, EMR, triaging patients and dispensing medications
  • Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment
  • Skilled in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients, all staff, and the public
  • Ability to communicate clearly, interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures
  • Able to read, understand and respond to detailed oral or written instructions

Work Habits & Attitudes:

  • Understand all aspects of the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system
  • Working knowledge of office procedures, organizational policies and procedures, systems and office management practices
  • Ability to work under pressure and with a diverse population
  • Skills in identifying and resolving problems exercising initiative and judgment
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with super teams, patients, medical staff, co-workers and the public
  • Ability to read, write and communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of basic arithmetic
  • Proficiency in the operation of a computer and other office equipment.
  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time; push, pull and reach; occasionally bend stoop and stretch
  • Have the hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity needed to operate a keyboard, photocopier, telephone, calculator and other office equipment
  • Have a normal range of hearing and eyesight to record, prepare and communicate appropriate reports and the ability to focus

How to Apply:

All applicants MUST fill out and submit the Employment Application corresponding to the position along with resume.

  1. Click the button below to fill out the online application.
  2. Attach Resume and any other important documentation.
  3. Submit.

You can also apply in person at any of our locations.