Clinical Trials

At SAUC, we are working to redefine the paradigm of urgent care. That means testing new equipment and strategies for treating illness/injury and for tracking and maintaining wellness.

While clinical trials can be challenging in terms of recruiting patients, research conducted by SAUC founder Dr. David Skinner and colleagues Dr. Hersh Goel and Trevor Jones, showed that urgent care centers offer a viable recruitment source for such studies.

Open Trials

We currently have no open clinical trials.

Closed Trials

This study compared the efficacy of the Kardia Mobile device platform with 24-hour Holter monitoring in diagnosing arrhythmias in patients who present to urgent care centers with palpitations. 

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Clinical trials are extremely difficult to undertake and recruiting patients for these trials is one of the most significant challenges. This brief report sought to determine the suitability of an urgent care center as a research recruitment site by assessing its patients’ views on participating in clinical trials.

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