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Comparing a mobile ECG device with Holter monitoring for the diagnosis of arrhythmias in patients with palpitations

This study is no longer accepting applications.

The Kardia Mobile device in action

This study sought to determine how the Kardia Mobile device compares with Holter monitoring in diagnosing abnormal heart rhythms. Holter monitors are used today in much the same way and form as they have been since the 1960’s; they allow for continuous electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring for 24-72 hours. With recent rapid technological advancements, there is a new generation of smart mobile ECG devices that allow physicians to collect ECG data from their patients over months to years and not just days. This opens up the potential for novel diagnostic capabilities, which this study seeks to investigate by prescribing Kardia Mobile and Holter monitor devices to patients who present to SAUC with palpitations.


Hersh V. Goel, MD
Trevor A. Jones, FNP-C
Joseph S. Alpert, MD
David P. Skinner, MD, PhD, MBA (Primary Investigator)


24 hours of Holter monitoring
1 month of concurrent use of the Kardia mobile device
Post-study survey

Inclusion Criteria

18 years and older
Symptoms of heart palpitations
Possession of a smartphone
No history of unstable angina, syncope, or sustained ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation

Additional Information

Participation in the study and use of the Kardia Mobile and Holter monitor devices is at no cost to study participants.

Eligible participants who complete the study in its entirety receive the Kardia Mobile device at no cost upon study conclusion

Photos by AliveCor