Flu Season 101

Flu season is here, and that means many residents will have concerns about their health at some point in the coming months. Even healthy people can be susceptible to a common virus, but some great preventative tips can cut your chances down significantly. That’s why at Southern Arizona Urgent Care, we like to provide our visitors with plenty of information to help them stay healthy, especially in the upcoming winter months.

We do recommend flu shots to our patients, especially those with compromised immune systems or those in the high-risk age categories. Flu vaccines don’t cover every strain that impacts the population in a given season, so it’s essential that you also follow other preventative steps to keep your body healthy.

Woman doctor explaining lab results to an elderly patient at desk

Top Tips to Keep You Healthy This Flu Season

Here are a few tips to keep you healthy this flu season and to help diminish the chances of spreading illnesses you have come into contact with.

  • Hand Washing. It’s important to wash your hands regularly during the day, especially after you cough or sneeze or use the bathroom. You should also wash before meals, and after any time you handle currency or other objects that many people might have touched.
  • Visit Your Doctor. Regular checkups should be part of your health maintenance. Your physician can make personal recommendations specific to your own health situation.
  • Increase Your Vitamin Intake. Vitamins that boost your immune system can be very beneficial during these months, especially if you’re one of the many adults in the population who does not get enough of these nutrients through diet alone. Consider adding vitamin C, B-12, and D to your diet.
  • Take Precautions When Someone Is Ill. If you have a coworker who is sick, you should take precautions to avoid catching the illness. Don’t share drinks, make sure you wash your hands frequently, etc. The same can apply to sick family members – clean surfaces regularly and otherwise try to minimize exposure.
  • Maintain a Good Sleep Schedule. Lack of sleep can leave you more susceptible to illness. Getting the proper amount of sleep impacts your overall health in a significant way, so it’s vital to try to get good quality sleep as often as possible.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle. Drinking plenty of water and eating clean will improve your health overall. Physical activity also boosts the immune system and makes you less prone to illness. On the flip side, alcohol use can make you more prone to getting sick. While it’s fine to have a drink or two in moderation, maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle will diminish your chances of catching too many illnesses over the cold and flu season.

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Looking for Facilities to Get Your Flu Shots This Season?

If you’re looking for an excellent facility to receive preventative care this flu season, contact SAUC or stop in to see us. Our dedicated staff is happy to help with any health issues you might have.