Ideas for Healthy Snacking

It can be difficult to take the time to prepare snacks that are both quick and healthy. A snack should prevent surges in hunger prior to mealtime, taste good, and satisfy you. You should not have to sacrifice nutrition in the name of snacking convenience. We understand this struggle and have compiled some ideas that should help keep nutritious foods in your busy life.

You should make sure that your snacks include a serving of fruits or vegetables. Try basing the entire snack around your chosen fruit or vegetable and adding a fat, dairy, or protein to it. We suggest choosing whole foods that are minimally processed; a few choices are nuts, seeds, or milk.

Here are some ideas that you can replicate. If you do not want to follow them exactly they should at least help you think of some great snack recipes yourself:

-Pair one ounce of cheese with one piece of fresh fruit or one cup of fresh vegetables. If you have time you can purchase an interesting variety of fruit and cheese at the grocery store ahead of time, throwing them together when you need them. Some fruits and cheeses that go great together are strawberries and Gouda, apricots and Brie, or melon and goat cheese.
-A tablespoon of hummus goes great with a small pita pocket and some vegetables. Carrots or green beans are especially delicious with hummus.
-One half cup of cottage cheese mixes well with a half cup of pineapple.
-If you prefer Greek yogurt try mixing it with one fourth of a cup of a high fiber cereal (Kashi GoLean is a great example).
-Two graham crackers spread with one tablespoon of Nutella and paired with a banana.
-One half cup of sorbet topped with one cup of berries.

Feel free to switch any of these ideas around, just keep in mind the guidelines mentioned at the beginning of this post. If you feel like you need further guidance or would like a medical professional to assess which types of foods will help your dietary nutrition goals please contact us.

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