Safe Tips for Summer Travel in 2021

With summer just days around the corner, many people will travel in 2021 since they couldn’t take a vacation – at least a travel vacation – in 2020, thanks to the pandemic. Whether you decide to travel in the United States or internationally, you should be ready for several differences. While most states are now open, some still have some requirements related to the pandemic. Many international destinations also have restrictions. Before you leave on vacation, you should make sure you are healthy. Our medical professionals at Southern Arizona Urgent Care can provide a check-up ahead of your summer travel plans. 

Before You Travel in 2021 

Once you choose your travel destination, check local regulations regarding vaccinations and masks. While most of the United States does not require masks anymore, you could run into some cities requiring you to wear some type of face covering or individual businesses. 

Some international places could require you to show proof of vaccination. Some states are trying to get this measure passed, but as of early June 2021, none have implemented such a far-reaching rule. However, some businesses might require you to obtain a negative COVID-19 test. 

staying safe in travel

Keeping Your Summer Travel in 2021 Happy and Healthy 

When you make summer travel plans, you don’t plan on getting sick – you want to enjoy your trip. However, it’s important to keep your health in mind if you have an injury or a chronic illness.   

Check Your Medications 

Before you leave on your trip: 

– Check your medications. 

– Make sure you have enough to last for the trip, plus enough for an extra two weeks. 

– Keep the medication you will take in one place and the extra medication in another place. If you lose a purse, backpack, or suitcase, you’ll still have the other medications stashed elsewhere. 

If you are near the end of a prescription and do not have extras or will run out before you return, make sure you contact your doctor to ask for an early refill. Because doctors cannot fill some medications early due to state and federal regulations, be sure to see your doctor early enough so that you can arrange for a refill in the city where you are staying. 

Locate Hospitals and Urgent Care Clinics in the Cities You Plan to Visit 

It’s always a good idea to locate the nearest hospitals and urgent care clinics in the city where you’ll travel. While nobody plans on getting injured while on vacation, it can happen, especially if you plan on hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, or participating in other activities that could lead to injuries. 

safe healthy travel

Know where your insurance is accepted 

If you plan on using urgent care facilities for minor injuries, before you go, make sure the facility accepts your insurance. If your insurance requires a doctor in a plan, check with your insurance company to see which hospitals, doctors, and clinics your plan covers. 

Have Fun! 

Finally, be sure you have fun. If you visit the Southern Arizona area and need non-emergency medical help, contact Southern Arizona Urgent Care. We can even take care of some medical needs through our TeleHealth program.