At SAUC, we’ll not only get you well, we’ll keep you well. We offer vaccinations, screening, and diagnostic testing, including:

Physicals are baseline tests for monitoring one’s health, whether you’re a school student, an athlete, or simply looking to be proactive about your wellness. They’re quick, easy, and affordable ($40) and we’re here to interpret all of your test results and guide you onward toward better health.

Time for a tetanus shot? Fearing the flu? We got you. Staying current on immunizations means staying healthy. At SAUC, we can help you avoid serious illnesses and infections with a variety of vaccines.

We care about your comfort. When you need immediate attention and can’t get to your OB-GYN, we’re here. We understand the relationship many women have with their providers and we’re trained to offer the best care. We offer immediate care for infections, pregnancy-related issues, and also offer PAP exams, pregnancy tests, and STI screenings.

At SAUC, we want you to get better and stay better. We offer periodic Healthy Lifestyle workshops with tips on caring for yourself even when you’re not sick. Also, we believe in boosting the immune systems and taking advantage of natural healing agents. Our in-house dispensary offers probiotics and honey for treating wounds.